The Beauty of Sustainability

Welcome to our store, where you can find outfits that not only look great and feel great, but also help combat Climate Change.

Our pieces are made out of renewable, biodegradable sources that will not harm mother nature.​ Climate change is the problem of our generation. That´s why we, at ADK evergreen apparel, are fighting to protect the future. We are going against the grain to advocate for change. Help us stop climate change and save mother nature one piece at a time. Take a look at our new collection of hemp based products and enjoy shopping online with Adirondack Evergreen Apparel. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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About Our Mission

The Beauty of Nature

Here at Evergreen Apparel we’re working for the future. Climate change is the problem of our generation. That´s why all of our items are made from renewable biodegradable sources from a national treasure, the Adirondack Park. Help us stop climate change one piece at a time.

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1571 NY-30, Wells, NY 12190



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